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Flexible Terms

In addition to our low loan rates, we also offer flexible terms up to 84 months for new vehicles and 72 months for used vehicles. NE PA also provides pricing guides for both new and used vehicles so that you can make an informed decision with vehicle purchases and trade-ins.

Beat That Rate!

If you receive a New or Used Vehicle Loan Rate Quote from another financial institution and the rate is lower than what we’re offering, we may be able to match or beat the rate that you are offered. Simply contact a Loan Officer and provide them with the rate documentation from the other institution and we’ll see if we can beat the rate. Plus, if you have 20% down on your vehicle, we'll give you a 0.25% APR* discount off of your qualifying loan rate!

Remember, take advantage of all of our great services with our vehicle loans such as our Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP Insurance), which is priced at $325.00 compared to, on average, $800.00 from a dealer or other financial institution.

Refinance your Current Vehicle Loan

If you have a vehicle loan at another financial institution, you can possibly refinance the loan with our credit union and receive our current low used car rate you qualify for.

Pre-Approvals For Your Convenience

Once you've researched pricing, come to the credit union and get your loan pre-approved. Then you can shop confidently with "cash in hand" bargaining power.

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) Plus

Protect Your Investment in Your Vehicle - Your vehicle starts depreciating the minute you drive off the dealer's lot, and if it's stolen or damaged beyond repair before you finish paying for it, your insurance company will most likely only pay the actual cash value. You can protect your investment with Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) coverage. GAP pays the remaining balance due on your loan (up to 125% of the NADA value) over the payment from your insurance company, and covers your financing agreement for the entire life of your loan.  As an added benefit, if your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair, GAP provides you with $1,000 towards your next vehicle if you finance with us within 60 days of the theft or accident. Don't risk paying for your dream car after it's gone.

Mechanical Repair Coverage

When you think of extended warranties, you may typically think of those offered by car dealerships. Did you know you can get an extended warranty through your credit union? It's true! NE PA offers Mechanical Repair Coverage for new and used vehicles. For just a few dollars a month, Mechanical Repair Coverage can save you hundreds or even thousands! 

Payroll Deduction and Direct Deposit are available to make payments on your NE PA auto loan easy and convenient.

**APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are based on credit history, term, amount financed, loan-to-value (LTV) ratio and other vehicle characteristics (such as age of vehicle). A rate of 1.75% APR includes a rate discount of 0.25% for having 20% equity in the vehicle being financed for a member with A+ credit and a two (2) year term. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Rates are subject to change without notice.